viernes, septiembre 29, 2006

El propio mar

A wealthy and successful businessman
had a painting of the sea hanging in his office.
Although it did not really blend in
with the rest of the furniture,
the businessman refused to remove it.

One day when asked why this picture was of such
great significance to him, he told the following story...

"Many years ago, everything was going wrong in my life.
I was despondent and miserable, blaming all on fate.
One day, needing time on my own, I went for a walk in a
green meadow surrounded by a beautiful forest.
In the middle of the meadow an artist was busy
painting a picture. When I got closer, I was surprised to
see that he was not painting this beautiful
landscape but a picture of the ocean.
There were boats bobbing lazily in the tranquil
water and a clear blue sky in the background.

The artist looked up and sensing
my surprise he said to me,
" There comes a time in everyone's
life when you have to create your own ocean."

I knew then that this was the answer to
my life's problems.
I bought that painting and it still
serves to remind me of the
artists simple message that
changed my life from then onward.

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Heriberto dijo...

El tipo tuvo la suerte/sensibiidad de conocer la respuesta a los problemas de su vida. Ojala fuera tan facil, ojala pudiera encontrar mi propio "mar". Un saludo.